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Level 1 Apps ($0.99)
ABCs and ME - It's never too early to start learning pre-reading and pre-math skills! ABCs and Me by Five Pumpkins contains 6 fun flashcard sets in both English (Numbers, ABCs, On The Go, Colors, Shapes and Foods) aimed at teaching small children skills they need for kindergarten. By leveraging the same images across different apps, we hope children will learn that different objects have several properties (a color, a shape, a spelling, etc.).

The ABCs flashcards contain large font letters (and their names), phonetic pronunciations, and vivid images. Kids can click on the letter or the image to hear the corresponding audio in English.

Numbers flashcards help teach the order of the numbers and counting. Each number card shows a different quantity of items preschoolers and toddlers can count.

On The Go helps the young child learn about the world. Vividly colored transportation vehicles include cars, planes and trains!

To teach 2D and 3D shapes, the Shapes flashcards have large, brightly colored shapes and the corresponding shape name on each card.

The Colors and Foods flashcards have friendly colored images to help children learn their basic colors and some foods.

The cards feature large fonts and bright colors to hold children's interests. They try to focus the child's attention on the main topics and reduce the background noise which makes it easier for the child to learn.
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Level 1 Apps (Free)

On The Go has vivid images accompanied by the appropriate words to help children make the association between the vehicle and it's name. Large buttons help keep children engaged as they navigate through the vehicles. The app includes a Quiz mode where the audio is turned off. The favorites mode allows you to star colors that are particularly troubling for your children and then cycle through them.
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About Our Educational Philosophy
Five Pumpkins is a digital educational company founded on a belief that each child needs to have a solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of math and reading. Our mission is to build applications to challenge your children as they learn and engage them in a fun way. Please contact us at
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