2 Step Verification

as a service

2 Step for Apps provides tools and a secure two-step verification as an online service to any application.
Adding extra security for users has never been easier.

Using our service and Google Authenticator app for smart phones you can provide extra security for your application and its users. No more worrying about phished passwords. More security for online apps and their users.

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It is Secure

2-Step verification requires two independent factors for authentication, much like you might see on your banking website: user name, your password, plus a code obtained using your phone. It helps you add the powerful extra security of something that only your users' phone knows that changes every 30 seconds.

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It is Free

The technology that powers this authentication is common knowledge. It is derived from something known as time based security tokens. We have decided to build a service that can issue and verify tokens for free. Because, frankly, it is very cheap to provide it, and we take online security very seriously. Everyone should have access to this powerful algorithm and the extra layer of security it provides.

It is Open Source

The technology and the algorithms that power this system are freely available to anyone who does enough research on the Internet. Therefore, we want to open this service and its code to all developers and interested parties who would like to implement it and improve it. Our code base, wiki, and developer SDKs can be found on our GitHub repository.

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Mobile Enabled

2 Step for Apps requires a mobile device or an application that can run on your users computers that can generate time base passwords. For most of the mobile devices, Google has published Google Authenticator. Using Google Authenticator app on mobile phones and 2 Step for Apps, your users can generate and have access to their time varying passwords for extra security. Nowadays, since everyone has a smart phone, we think the best option is to use the mobile phones for keeping your apps' users' safe.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a mobile application that allows you to generate 2-step verification codes on your smartphone without a required network connection. 2 Step Verification for Apps can issue codes for and use Google Authenticator for securing your users' logins.

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2 Step for Apps is an open source project. Although there is no dedicated 24/7 support for it, there is a community of developers and users that support it. For more information about the developer tools, the SDKs, and reporting issues please see our Wiki and Issues pages on GitHub.

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2 Step for Apps is made possible thanks to Google for providing and advocating Google Authenticator and to TOTP, time based one time password algorithm. With these two systems you can keep your users' accounts safer.